S&P Pork Knuckle Festival

Nothing says autumn like Oktoberfest, the annual beer festival held in Germany where people dine together and celebrate. Schweinshaxe (deep fried pork knuckle), is a German dish particularly popular in Bavaria, which makes it an Oktoberfest staple along with selections of beer.

This year, S&P brings you the taste of Oktoberfest right to your neighborhood! Along with our classic deep fried pork knuckle, a tender and juicy pork knuckle wrapped in a salty and extra crisp skin, we also proudly present our newest creations, a fresh twist on Western and Eastern dishes:

  1. Somtam Ka Moo (Spicy papaya salad with deep fried pork knuckle)
  2. Tom Zaap Ka Moo (Hot and Spicy Clear soup with deep fried pork knuckle)
  3. Kana Ka Moo (Stir-fried Kailaan in oyster sauce with deep fried pork knuckle)
Come and try our newest unique flavors that are perfect for pairing with ice-cold Singha draught beer at S&P Thai Restaurant & Bakery, Cambodia.

Aeon Mall Branch: 015852124
2nd floor, Aeon mall, Phnom Penh

Samdech Pan Ave. branch: 085639988
#21 St 214 (Samdech Pan Ave. ) Phnom Penh